Hard Headed…..Like me.

Do whats right.

Some of you may know me as The Militant Negro. My blog under this name was in use since 2011. In 2008 I was diagnosed with type two diabetes. As you may have guessed from this new blog name……I choose to ignore my diabetes diagnoses and did jack shit to prevent myself from ending up as I am now.

I am currently in a wheelchair with a BKA…..that’s a below the knee amputation.

The purpose of this blog is to educate, in my own way, how those who have diabetes can avoid my mistakes by NOT ignoring diabetes. I will NOT be preaching, judging or telling those who choose to follow me here on this blog, what to do. I WILL be passing on information, but mainly I will be sharing with those who are interested…… WAYS NOT TO END UP LIKE ME, with the loss of a limb, or worse, BECAUSE YOU ARE HARD HEADED……like me.

On January 31st of 2019, I had my right leg below the knee removed, or amputated is more accurate. This happened for a plethora of reasons but mainly because I was HARD HEADED and ignored doing what I should have done, knew I should have done, from the start.

Now maybe, just maybe, someone out here in the Worstpress community might benefit from my hard headed ass, and do the right thing when it comes to diabetes. The gist of this blog will be Me, sharing my journey from 2008, when I was first told I was diabetic, until now, when I reached this point where my hard headiness has taken me.

Do NOT end up like myself, waiting to be fitted for a prosthetic limb. Which by the way I am scheduled to be fitted for on the 17th of April.

I am doing exceptional at this point, both physically and mentally. But this journey is totally unnecessary. I ignored everything, and when I didn’t ignore everything, I half assed did what I was supposed to do to control/manage this disease.

Took insulin when I was good and damn ready, or didn’t take it at all.
Did NOT follow doctors instructions.
Ate what I desired, regardless of the ramifications of doing that.
I suppose I didn’t give a shit back then. Then I met a Goddess who loved me, even as I was before the amputation…..and that changed my perspective on life and living life.

BUT by then it was too late to save my lower leg.

This blessing you see above is that Goddess. The reason I am now fighting to be healthy.
She is what makes me do the right thing daily. She has me fighting to survive my stupidity in treating my diabetes.

SO, in closing, I am starting this blog today, Sunday the 14th of April, to allow others who might be like me, to see where you could, might, end up if you have a hard head……like I do….did. I’m still hard headed like usual, just not about diabetes.

This is a totally new blog venture. I am starting out with a free, plain blog until I decide where and how I wish to do this blog thing. It’s not my usual flamboyant blog, it might get to that point someday but for now this is what this blog looks like. Plain and “normal.”
I will be writing about all the things I’ve done since 2008, to end up here, so you don’t end up here.

Hope it helps someone, just one someone, to not be hard headed, like me.

Diabetes illness concepts word cloud illustration. Word collage concept.

9 thoughts on “Hard Headed…..Like me.

  1. I totally respect this blog. People do not always understand the importance of following the guidelines needed to stay healthy. I hope that by now you know that you are not the only one that has done this and I would lay money down that every diabetic has tried to beat the system and not do what they should. Diabetes is tiresome, it wears you down but you have to move forward in order to live. I am looking forward reading more from you.

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    1. YES. It is a full time, 24/7/365 JOB. I think had it not been for MY Goddess, being so hard headed, I would have chosen doing nada and death over putting in the work. Thank you so much for your words and for you being you. Have a wonderful glorious Sunday and I hope to see you often.


    1. I was your husband Ms. Jina, and now to show for my being hard headed, I have a prosthetic limb where my leg used to be…..I also had several toes amputated before losing my right leg to my dumbfuckery. If your husband needs a real life wake up call…. I AM IT. He can call me anytime at 319-206-1308 if he is ever interested in saving his limbs.

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      1. Ah, but he’s got your hard head at the moment, and he thinks he’s in control of his body, and that if he takes his prescription, he’ll be less of a man. I’m familiar with diabetes, there’s plenty in my side of the family. He’s just refusing to take off his rose tinted glasses and see the truth about the disease. I keep talking, and nagging, but I can’t force my help if he doesn’t want to take it.

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      2. I was just like him only worse. I was alone with nobody to “advise” me that if I kept ignoring my diabetes, I’d end up right where I am today. I met a beautiful woman with the soul of an angel during my first stages of the leg infection that eventually took my leg. She saved my life because I wanted, needed to survive and live for her, for us. Even after I met her, I tried to be hard headed about some diabetic things, she convinced me to not be hard headed any longer about diabetes.
        I wish I could talk to your husband.

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      3. If I tried to arrange a conversation between you two – he doesn’t speak english anyway – he’d simply find a million reasons not to. Believe me JB, he’s got a zillion reasons to take care of himself ,he just doesn’t believe he needs to. But I’ll go on nagging and trying to make him see reason.

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