I Got A New Leg

So on Thursday the 16th of May, thats yesterday for those who are brain dead, I received my brand new carbon and titanium prosthetic leg. The entire process for a new limb is daunting to say the least, and at best, going through the fittings process for the man made limb can be stupid to those who use common sense on a daily basis.

I have the new limb and I am learning to walk all over once again.


It took me almost 4 months to reach this point of losing my leg and getting this replacement. I’ve been battling this outcome of losing my right leg since August 15th of 2018 all because I was hardheaded, stubborn and stupid in my decision to “Ignore Diabetes.” Now had I been intelligent, which my IQ test convinced me I was, I would researched diabetes and followed conventional wisdom and sensible choices to slow down the deterioration of my leg.

I did not do that.


This is me now, for the rest of my life. I am currently learning to walk again. Teaching my left leg to walk normal because since January 31st of this year, my left lag has not been walking normally but instead hoping, as I learned to use a walker to move from room to room.

I am currently teaching my left thigh to assist my prosthetic in responding to my mind sending signals to my thigh, to make my prosthetic move like my left leg. Thats hard work. The mind and a normal leg communicate in unison to one another, without there being a nano second between the mind signal and the legs reaction.

The prosthetic does not recognize any signals from my brain. So there is a time lapse between what I want my prosthetic to do and when it actually does what I want the prosthetic to do…and when my thigh makes the connection between both actions. In other words, the instantaneous connection between mind and limb, is gone. Forever.

So I’ll be learning to walk as if I was a 8 month old baby, I’ve reverted to being a toddler. All because I ignored diabetes. 

The good news is I met a wonderful human being and SHE has decided she loves me. This magnificent lady has stood by me from start to now as I travel this road of being an amputee.

Allow me to introduce  you all to Grace…..


This woman is why I am alive. She is why I survived the amputation. Grace is actually what keeps me going. I plan to walk down an aisle somewhere in some island one day when I learn to walk again, to tell her I Do.

Anyway…..I now have a new leg. I now no longer ignore diabetes. Too little too late to be honest. So I close this blog post with my usual warning: Do NOT be stupid like I was. Do NOT Ignore Your Diabetes. Research the disease. Investigate the disease. Learn about diabetes. Do whatever is necessary to never end up like me……

Like THIS…..


Ignoring Your Diabetes…… DON’T IGNORE DIABETES.



10 thoughts on “I Got A New Leg

  1. Congratulations on your new life. I can tell you that this to will come with challenges but you are beginning a new chapter that will bring you new freedom. Be aware of any pain and changes that take affect with the new leg, watch for soreness be aware of rubbing or injury. I’m so happy you have started this chapter. Continue to keep us posted on your progress.


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