OUR New Normal…..


You just got home from amputation surgery……. I am so thrilled you are doing so well and YES….taking your time to heal at your rate of healing is extremely important. NO two humans will ever heal exactly the same, so how you heal and how quickly you start doing “NORMAL” things the NORMAL way is all up to you. Take it as slow or as fast as what makes you comfortable.

Crying is how we deal with stress, and believe me, an amputation is all about stress. NOT everyone cries but if you do, ain’t nothing wrong with crying. Survivors deal with stress in positive ways. Cry as much as you need, and have your husband/wife/spouse/friend/family member….. just hold you when you need/want to cry. Human touch from a loved one is still the best medicine and healing power.

Going out into the world is the second best thing to do, for your sanity as well as to get accustomed to the public. I was a homebody but now I am out in the world daily, if for no other reason than to get fresh air. Before my amputation I had an infected foot, thigh and my limb was swollen to the size of a small tree trunk….I was bed ridden from August until my surgery in January. I didn’t go outside at all, couldn’t walk on that leg. Being able to get out now is a slice of heaven and…… normal.


Lastly let me leave you with this….. NORMAL for us amputees has changed from before we had our amputated body part. Normal is now what we make normal. Remember, no matter how hard we try or wish or desire, our lives are going to be different. The NEW Normal is what works for us, not what works for “Normal” society. Embrace your new life, get yourself in the mind frame that how you NOW do things, from activities of daily living to shopping for groceries…..is now the new normal.

We all desire to do things the way we did them before our amputations…..that will get back to us in time, but we are different people now. If we never reach our full potential of doing things the way we did them before amputation….SO WHAT?!! The NEW NORMAL is what we should strive to achieve….the NEW NORMAL is what works for each of us NOW.Everything from getting dressed to making love, will all be just a bit different….or it might be A LOT different.

A little different or a LOT different, depends on US,…YOU….ME. No matter which one it is, IT’S OUR NEW NORMAL.


2 thoughts on “OUR New Normal…..

  1. This was really good baby. Maybe the best one I’ve read so far. It was very moving. I love you baby¬†

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