The RevoFit™ Adjustable Prosthetic Socket.

If a socket, which is the most vitally important component of a prosthetic limb for a leg amputee, is NOT comfortable, that amputee will not use it, thus that prosthetic become a waste can, a planter or a conversation starter.


I’ve been highlighting different prosthetic information here on Ignoring Diabetes from day one, prosthetics are artificial limbs for amputees that enable us to function daily as if we were whole and not amputees. Below is my latest find in the world of prosthetic limb development.

I am hopeful that this system and prosthetic will soon be attached to my limb. The thing about this system is how it fits and the effortless way this RevoFit™ Adjustable Prosthetic Sockets….adjusts. Watch the video and see the magic that is evident when it comes to fit, adjustability and above all else, how easy it is to take off and put on when out in public.

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Click Medical introduced the RevoFit adjustable socket in 2015 as a unique solution that allows patients to quickly adjust socket fit rather than rely on adding socks to their socket. The RevoFit adjustable socket is designed to fine-tune compression within the socket by using custom, movable panels targeted to specific areas of the limb.

RevoFit Adjustable Socket Benefits

  • Patient Empowerment: Patients can control the fit of their socket throughout the day as their limb changes thus giving them more control over fit and comfort.
  • Adjust Prosthetic Fit On Demand: The RevoFit adjustable socket technology allows the patient to micro-adjust the volume of the socket with just one hand.
  • Reduce Patient Time: By giving patients a socket where they can control fit based on daily volume changes the amount of post-delivery adjustments can be dramatically reduced.
  • Rapid Donning & Doffing: With the RevoFit system installed, donning and doffing becomes easy. Simply pull the dial with one hand to release.

“We are excited to have Ottobock’s skilled and experienced fabrication team trained and ready to support the fabrication of the growing number of RevoFit micro-adjustable sockets,” said Jimmy Capra, CEO, Click Medical.

About Click Medical: Click Medical develops next-generation medical support and enclosure solutions using patented technology components. These solutions provide medical professionals options using modern technology to create prosthetic, orthotic and orthopedic devices that decrease pain, increase comfort and provide unmatched ease of use for their patients.

About RevoFit: RevoFit, developed by Click Medical, is the world’s leading solution for creating adjustable prosthetic sockets. RevoFit uses a system of adjustable panels and cut outs which are controlled by a single dial to allow the user to make micro adjustments to their prosthesis on demand. RevoFit is used by thousands of amputees and is available in 30+ countries worldwide.

If you’re interested in checking out the RevoFit™ Adjustable Prosthetic Sockets, The contact info is here…..Doug Starkey │Click Medical │ 970-829-1359 │

ReVoFit2 Website

As ALWAYS when making life decisions that may, might, could effect/affect your LIFE, do your own research, investigation and homework, NEVER take anyone’s word for ANYthing, especially ME.

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Disclaimer: I do NOT work for clickmedical I do NOT receive any compensation nor I am affiliated with this company in any way whatsoever. This blog post is STRICTLY for sharing information I find fascinating and think could, might, maybe helpful to amputees.


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