From A K2……To A K4***


Hello ya’ll. It’s been awhile since my last blog post, I’ve been busy as a pissed off bee. To recap, if you remember, back on April 17th 2019 I had my very first AMP K-Test and I received a score of 28 which was one point shy of being a K-3. A score of 29 was needed to be rated a K-3, which meant I’d get a better quality/better technologically advanced prosthetic.

On September 9th I retook this K-Test and scored a 43, which put me in the K-4 rating by one point. I failed to achieve the maximum score for climbing stairs unassisted (not holding the hand rails) because the stairs were too small to accommodate my size 13 foot AND I still did not have the ability to bend my knee, because my socket was cut to high front and back to allow my knee to bend, allowing me to climb stairs in a normal manner.

Now one would think, using common sense and logic, since the stair depth and my inability to bend my knee would account for some consideration in my score being higher than a 43…..but no. I got a 43 instead of a 45 because my foot is too big for the test stairs and my prosthetic was cut incorrectly and ill fitting. 

This entire K Testing process is set up for the new amputee to fail, so insurance companies can not spend money for the expensive, technologically advanced prosthetic, for a new amputee, LIKE ME.

Below you’ll find an image of my AMP test score and pay close attention to the image that shows the “stair test.”

ktest2This image shows that this is MY AMP test.

ktest1This image shows I received a score of a 1 in both categories of ascending and descending the stairs, and I only received a score of 1 because I could not place my entire foot on the stair….nor could I bend my knee….so holding onto the hand rails was necessary to walk up/down the stairs.

ktest3This image shows I received a score of a 43 out of the total 47 points needed to be a K-4.

In just under 5 months I have moved up two K levels, while it’s not unheard of, for a new amputee, it is uncommon. What this new K-Test score result means for me is I will now get a better prosthetic, with a working foot/ankle and that means I’ll be able to do “normal” stuff. Like ride a bike, walk the way I have walked for the past 59 years. Do the things I know I am capable of doing, which I’ve been told from day one of being an amputee, I COULD NOT DO AT THIS TIME.

My advice to any and all new and old amputees is this…..NEVER ALLOW ANYONE, ESPECIALLY A Prosthetist  WHO IS NOT AN AMPUTEE, TO TELL YOU WHAT WILL WORK FOR YOU. Always go the speed of accomplishment that works for you but NEVER settle for being told it’s TOO SOON for you to progress at the speed YOU feel you can accomplish your progress.

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