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The Craziness Of Twitter Spaces

I’m going to tell you a story about a place called Twitter Spaces. Twitter first launch Spaces in November of 2020 as an attempt to eclipse Clubhouse’s success, with its own version of audio centric chat rooms. The ability to actually host a space was limited to Twitter users with 600 followers or more at first, then it grew to include all Twitter account holders..

Twitter Spaces was a marvelous idea, but it didn’t work too well because there were glitches and bugs and Twitter decided not to do a beta test before releasing the Twitter Spaces application platform wide. I’m not a code writer but I do believe if Twitter had taken the time to release a beta test version of Twitter Spaces first, they could have worked out a lot of the glitches and bugs that are present right now.

But this is not about how well Twitter Spaces works. This is about the Mental Health Twitter Spaces Community and how THAT Community is not working as it should. You would think the mental health community that inhabits Twitter spaces would be concerned about the health safety and well-being of those people using Twitter spaces. That is not the case.

There are two warring factions within Twitter spaces Mental Health Community. Both are run by women who happened to be just alike in every regard. They hate each other. They are both manipulative narcissist, and they both are of a cult-minded personality. Both the women are toxic and very divisive in their actions on a daily basis. That’s not the worst part of this conundrum. Their reckless actions and disregard for kindness and sensitivity put Mental Health Community people in jeopardy.

I spent time in both factions of this feud. I can tell you unequivocally both of these women are exactly alike, carbon copies of one another. They both control a contingent of Mental Health individuals. these mental health individuals in this community suffer from a plethora of mental health issues. They need peer support on a daily basis, sometimes hourly. They have come together in the Twitter spaces Mental Health Community to get peer support and find kinship among one another.

Since January when I arrived in Twitter and discovered its spaces, I also discovered that there were a lot of people in Twitter using these mental health spaces to get support with their daily issues. There were Wellness check-ins. Groups would gather in a place called a discord server used by the Mental Health Community to meet and talk, relax and let off steam. Instead of these discord servers being used for that, both factions use the servers to trash talk about the other group they happen to be fighting with and against.

From the information I gathered these two women started out as best friends. One woman visiting the other woman in her home and spending time there. Getting to know her family. It appears they fell out over one trying to diagnose the other. But the real falling out came when one of the women allegedly stole the other woman’s man on Twitter. As you can see from this, Twitter can be a toxic environment for romantic relationships. But that’s not the focus of this story. these two women went from being best buddies to mortal enemies.

Both of these ladies use manipulation. Narcissism. And delusional thoughts and ideas to control the people in their factions. They think alike, they act like, and they almost look alike, they could be sisters. I had the privilege of spending time in both discord servers and listening to the conversations by both factions about and against the other side. The lady who runs one of the factions has even had her account suspended by Twitter for violating its terms of service but, she has managed to get multiple “alternate” accounts in Twitter.

Both of these women suffer from a plethora of Mental Health issues. Currently neither one is seeking medical help with their issues. Most, not all, in the mental health spaces community of Twitter, self-medicate with drugs alcohol and going off their prescribed meds without medical supervision. This is a common act amongst this community. Those that need to be in therapy are not getting therapy because they’re relying on these Spaces to be their therapy. Which is why these Spaces need to be safe places for these individuals to assemble. Sadly ONE of these women is using her mind control to offer non professional medical advice to people in her group to keep these individuals from getting the help they need.

The actions of these two women and the actions of the people in these two groups have split this Mental Health Community in half and cause a great rift, negating the very reason this Mental Health Community in Twitter Spaces was created… To offer peer support only.

The news about Twitter spaces is not all bad. When I first started going in spaces the very first space I went into was for a group called The Writers Circle. The Writer Circle is a group of writers poets and artists who get together in their Space and talk about writing, the books they’ve read, and the projects they are currently working on completing for publication. This group accepted me into their Community even though I am not a writer, but I am a reader. They made me feel comfortable and welcome. There are also spaces held for musicians, music composers, and of course singers. There are even Karaoke Spaces.

This is one person’s account of what I witnessed and observed while being in Twitter Spaces for the Mental Health Community. There are also many spaces for The NFT Community as well as a multitude of spaces for every subject that comes to mind. All in all once Twitter gets its Spaces to work seamlessly for both Android and iPhone platforms, it will be a rousing success.

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