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The Fall Out From “The Craziness Of Twitter

The Fall Out From “The Craziness Of Twitter has me labeled as a victimizer of women, an abuser of women, a bully, and somebody who prays on women. Now I find this amusing because nobody in Twitter has had the time or put in the effort to get to know who and what I am. I also find it odd that when you are exposing things that are wrong in this society, you get labeled with all types of adjectives.

It’s also odd to me that people are more concerned with me exposing what goes on in Twitter “safe spaces” for the mental health Community, than they are with correcting all the things wrong in Twitter spaces for the mental health community. Now I agree there is no way to make a space on the internet totally safe. You have to take precautions to make it a safer place, but Total safety is impossible to achieve. However nobody expects to be harmed by the very people giving you peer support.

I have actually been in Twitter spaces listening and even hosting a Twitter space, when someone entered that space in such a bad way that they were talking suicide/self harm. Now I’m not trained to handle that situation but I used a little common sense, tried reacing that person to let them know that taking their life would cause more problems for the people who love them. Telling that person, those people should not have to bear the immense pain of them committing suicide. Fortunately they listened and as far as I could tell, did not self harm.

I was very fortunate that situation turned out well. Imagine if that person threatening self-harm walked into a space that was hosted or co-hosted by somebody with illusions of grandeur. There is genuine concern from me how these Twitter spaces for the Mental Health Community are hosted/co-hosted. Don’t get me wrong, there are some Twitter spaces that are hosted by very capable human beings, but for the most part the people who host Twitter mental health spaces are not licensed professionals, should never be giving out medical advice, should never be attempting to diagnose anything for the people who come into those spaces just to vent and let off steam.

Another problem about these warring factions in Twitter spaces is that they appear to be exactly like the clicks we all experienced in high school. For those of you who are not familiar with what a click is, it’s a group of people who hang out together based on their inadequacies as viewed by society. For example you have the jocks and the athletes who hang together in their click. Next you have the nerds and the super smart intelligent people who hang out in their click. Then there’s the vain click who are only concerned with how they look and what dates they’re getting as the weekend approaches.

Lastly you have the goth crowd, these humans like to dress in all black and they appear to enjoy making themselves outcast in a society that views them as different or strange. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being different or appearing strange to others. But these are the clicks that were present in my high school, and remind me exactly of the hierarchy of Twitter spaces.

Like I said, high school. If Twitter was really concerned about the safety of its spaces they would take action. I find that Twitter is more concerned with the revenue it pulls in from corporate sponsorship, from a thing it sells to subscribers called Twitter Blue and a new gimmick or scheme to get money called Super Followers. Both these current subscription services offer very little in the way of benefits to the person paying the monthly subscriber fee. The purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk does not bode well for the future of this FREE social media platform. I envision Twitter quickly becoming a full subscription platform, offering different tier levels of subscriptions for its subscribers.

All this drama on Twitter is making me glad I can return to Instagram which is a much happier simpler social media platform. It makes me remember why I left Twitter in the first place. In closing I want to repeat: These things that are happening in Twitter spaces, the negative toxic environments, they do not benefit the very people who need help in these peer support Twitter spaces for mental health. Enabling a toxic atmosphere between people with mental health issues is dangerous.

Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy day, or evening, to read Just Another Blog. By Me, Just Another Blogger. now please go do something other than read blogs and be on the internet. Enjoy the weather and nature and the world outside. Ciao Bella, Ciao Bello.

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