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Cutting A Narcissist Off At The Knees.

If you have to ask this question, the answer is yes.

It occurred to me while writing this series on narcissism and manipulators, the best way to deal with somebody who is a narcissist and wants to put their hands around your throat to strangle you with their manipulation is very simple. IGNORE THEM, ONCE YOU’VE CUT ALL TIES. I’ve learned when dealing with manipulative narcissist the best way to piss them right out of your life is: IGNORE THEM.

The same mindset is true for all types of internet and real life stalkers, bullies, narcissistic manipulators, people who are just genuinely a pain in the derriere……THEY SEEK AND CRAVE YOUR ATTENTION. That attention they seek from you is like their drug of choice. They will continue to contact you after you have cut them off but don’t be persuaded by the words coming out of their mouths or their fingers. No matter what a narcissistic manipulator says, they are still the same abusive human being. When you cut contact totally with that abuser, you are sending them straight to rehab.

How They Gain Control.

When the phone rings don’t answer. When you get a text message block & delete. When you get comments left on your blog send them to the trash. When people leave messages on your social media accounts block & unfollow. It’s actually amazing how simple it is to cut a narcissistic manipulator out of your life. Always remember it’s the attention they seek from you, that drives them to act. That craving for your attention is part of the narcissistic manipulator, and a stalker’s, Need….. Desire….. Craving.

The ONLY Strategy That Matters Is Silence.

The same fact holds true for ALL bullies, ALL stalkers, ALL narcissistic manipulators….. HOW TO BEAT THEM IS…. “Silence From You.” It’s a mind game THEY’RE PLAYING with you…….Psychological warfare. Getting inside your head is the end game for any stalker, bully, narcissistic manipulator. Once you respond to their Dumbfuckery you are hooked. You become that largemouth bass the angler/NARCISSISTIC MANIPULATOR, is fishing to catch. You responding sets the hook in your mouth and now all that angler has to do is reel you in. VERY IMPORTANT: ONCE YOU BREAK AWAY FROM A NARCISSISTIC MANIPULATOR THERE CAN BE NO CONTACT. NO RESPONDING TO THEM. WHATSOEVER.

In closing, psychological warfare is like any military campaign. It is imperative that you never reveal to the enemy what you’re thinking. Most times when we are involved in verbal exchanges with the narcissistic manipulator, we are giving them insight into what we’re thinking. Never allow the enemy to know what you’re thinking. Every narcissistic manipulator, stalker, bully, thinks that by communicating with you they are messing with your mind. In all actuality they are admitting to you they are nothing without you, under their control. Silence from you sends a very clear message: They Do Not Matter.


Thank you so much for reading Just Another Blog…… Written by me…..Just Another Blogger. Now log offline. Go enjoy the season. Ciao Bello. Ciao Bella.

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