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Time For A Social Media Detox.

Social Media takes up much of our time on a daily basis. Most of us have family commitments, careers we love, jobs we loathe, volunteer commitments, not to mention the all important recreational activities. Sometimes taking a break from social media is vitally important. Just like you can get burnout from a career you can also get burnt out from social media. Let’s face it social media platforms can be all consuming. It’s important to know when you need a break from social media, and it’s important to take that break when the time approaches.

How often do you find yourself checking your social media notifications soon after waking up or while out with friends and family? Do you spend much of your vacation trying to take the perfect photo for your Instagram, or are you more concerned about going on a vacation just so you can post pictures? If this sounds like YOU, it’s definitely time for a social media detox.

Let’s see, there’s Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, stitcher, tick tock, YouTube, truth social πŸ€”πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜…πŸ˜†, Clubhouse, Facebook, discord servers, not to mention podcast and blogging. Then there is the inability for human beings to take three steps without a cell phone, tablet, laptop, glued to their hand.

We as a society have all but forgotten about taking walks. Going for a bike ride. Spending time fishing or camping. Going to museums, the theater, or yard sales on a Saturday. I haven’t even mentioned going to the beach, the ocean, or just sitting beside a babbling brook. How about the beauty and simplicity of just taking your dog for a very long walk?

I’m curious how many of us do any of the above mentioned activities with ANY electronic devices on our persons whatsoever.

I did not coin this phrase but taking a break from social media is actually a “social media detox.” If you’re a health enthusiast and you take a regularly scheduled detox of your body, then you’ll understand when I say the mind needs a detox from social media activities. Social media is not always a safe place. There are many things going on in the social media stratosphere that give pause to healthy thoughts. The news is full of tragic events and those tragic events are all over social media platforms.

The current state of politics, government changes, Supreme Court decisions, mass shootings in the USA, the latest celebrity scandalous trial, and let’s not forget this pandemic that has been ongoing for 3 years. All these things cause Trauma. Stress. Anxiety. Current Events happen to be plastered all over our social media platforms.

The best way to rid ourselves of social media and the contents that stress us out is turn it off, tune it out, just get away. It doesn’t have to be a big huge deal. Plan a day of doing things with your family and friends. Go shoot some pool. Go shoot some hoops. Have a get together with family/friends. Do things like have a barbecue. Take the family on a outdoor adventure. You needen’t spend a lot of money. Just do something with family, friends that does not involve your devices so you’re NOT hooked up to a network. You will thank yourself later for the joy you get being around loved ones without any notification Pings.

Well that’s all I got about social media detox. Bottom line your mental health is important. The best way you can be stressed free is relieving things on a daily basis that stress you out. And social media is certainly a stressor. As I like to end, thank you for reading Just Another Blog.

Now do yourself a favor and get off of social media. Stop reading this blog. go outside and enjoy whatever weather greets you. Ciao Bella. Ciao Bello.


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This is just another blogger with just another blog. "This is not the blog you seek." πŸ€”πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜…πŸ˜† I'm very lazy about blogging, I only really blog when something gets under my skin. I have very thick skin. Thank you for reading this blog, but maybe you shouldn't waste your time reading this world.

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