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Blaming The Biden Administration For Gas Prices

Truth Over Misinformation.

This will be a very short blog post. I posted this meme in Twitter and had somebody respond that Joe Biden is still responsible for high gas prices worldwide because he is shutting down pipeline construction in the United States of America. That is what we call a flat out lie. Joe Biden isn’t stopping or shutting down gas pipe line construction in the USA, what Joe Biden is doing is stopping pipeline construction that hurts the environment, or impedes Native American lands.

This is why misinformation through social media, news outlets, and word of mouth from stupid people, is a very harmful thing to have happening.the one bad thing about social media is it gives a voice to people who have the IQ of a banana. if you have the IQ of a banana and you have a social media account on a social media platform which gives you a voice to spew stupidity and Dumbfuckery, you are dangerous!

And as I stated at the beginning of this blog post it will be short. And I am done. And as I said end of every blog post log off of this device you’re on, get dressed, hydrate, and go ENJOY outside. CIAO BELLO. CIAO BELLA.

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This is just another blogger with just another blog. "This is not the blog you seek." πŸ€”πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜…πŸ˜† I'm very lazy about blogging, I only really blog when something gets under my skin. I have very thick skin. Thank you for reading this blog, but maybe you shouldn't waste your time reading this world.

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      1. Yes hay fever can be bad, fortunately I haven’t really been sick since the third grade, unless you count having diabetes in 2008 being sick. But I can honestly say I’ve been relatively healthy. I hope you are taking some kind of OTC medication for your hayfever.


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