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How Meghan MacInTired Became The Twitter Narcissistic Manipulator Queen

The twitterverse

This is the sad story of a woman who traded a real life for a life online in Twitter. Now Meghan MacInTired is not the most hated account on Twitter. I do believe that distinction belongs to Elongated MuskRat. But Meghan MacInTired runs a close second. She has ostracized, manipulated, and harassed so MANY Twitterverse accounts, she forced Twitter to suspend her account for violating Twitter’s TERMS OF SERVICE. SHE DREAMS OF ONE DAY BEING REINSTATED, the chances of that are as hopeful as the GOP becoming a party of the people, for the people, by the people.

Meghan MacInTired’s Suspended Account

You want to know just how sad Meghan MacInTired is…. She creates a multitude of alternate accounts so that she can silently sneak back into the Twitter platform to reek more havoc on other accounts. Meghan MacInTired has a plethora of serious mental health issues but instead of seeking medical professional Mental Health help, and staying on her medication regiment, she is more interested in creating yet another fake account. Unbeknownst to Twitter security.

Meghan MacInTired’s Alternate Twitter Account The MrJBSucks She References Is My Real Twitter Account.

Twitter DOES allow people to have multiple accounts. For instance you can have a personal account. You can have an account for your business. You could have an account promoting projects such as NFT, Crypto, Bitcoin, your writing if you are a writer or your artwork if you are an artist. Twitter does not allow you to have an account of any type if your main account has been suspended for any reason.

But I digress. Let me get back to how Meghan MacInTired became the Twitter Queen of manipulative narcissist…. on the Twitter platform. Once upon a time there were two female friends and these two friends were best buddies. The kind of best buddies where Darla, the best buddy, gets invited into Miss MacInTired’s home. They know each other well and they bond. One night while these two best buddies were drinking, Meghan MacInTired thought it would be a good idea to diagnose Darla’s mental health issues. Well Darla didn’t take too kindly when Meghan MacInTired begin to offer up her unprofessional medical mental health advice. Thus started the rift between the two best buddies.

Upon Darla returning back home to her state where she resides, the rift between the two begin to grow when Darla was accused by Meghan MacInTired of stealing one of her many Twitter boyfriends. Now Darla has said to me many times that this was not a factual occurrence because she did not steal any boyfriend from Meghan MacInTired. In these types of manipulative narcissistic episodes, facts & truth don’t really matter. The narcissistic personality is often delusional as well as manipulative. Something doesn’t have to actually occur for the manipulative narcissistic personality to imagine it has occurred.

Darla and Maghan MacInTired quickly became mortal enemies. The battle lines were drawn when Darla assembled her crew and Meghan MacInTired assembled her crew. Thus begin the war. This war has divided the Twitter Spaces Mental Health Community…. As I have documented in previous blog post.

This Twitter war includes but is not limited to blocking people on the other side. Going into spaces and talking negatively about people on the other side. Creating an entire discord server just to sit around for hours at a time and discuss the people on the other side. As you can see, this can be a complete waste of life, time and opportunities to spend time with your family and friends. I am not thoroughly convinced that Twitter spaces is even healthy for the mental health community. There are a few very healthy and helpful Twitter Mental Health Community spaces. Let me be absolutely clear about that fact. The unsafe mental health Twitter spaces far outnumber the ones that are safe and productive for the mental health community. For the most part my experience has been that people go to these Twitterverse Spaces to vent and start conflict.

The saddest part about this battle between Darla and Meghan MacInTired is that These two factions have turned what was once a very productive peer support group setting into a battleground. The main difference between Darla and Meghan MacInTired is Meghan MacInTired ostracizes anyone who has a friendship with someone who happens to be a member of the other faction, run by Darla. This narcissistic manipulative behavior by Meghan MacInTired gives these members of her faction mental health issues. It causes stress and breakdowns. And I have witnessed these Mental Health crashes several times firsthand.

Well that’s how this Twitterverse battle started and continues in Twitter Spaces. This blog post also concludes my series on how narcissistic manipulative behavior has turned Twitter spaces into a battleground between two groups of people tasked with hosting mental health peer support spaces in Twitter….. TO HELP THE TWITTER MENTAL HEALTH COMMUNITY.

As always I close Just Another Blog by wishing you a good day, be safe, and log out of all social media apps, platforms, and go out and enjoy the weather and your family and friends. Ciao Bello. Ciao Bella….from Just Another Blogger.

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