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Amber Heard ~Vs~ Johnny Depp*

* I Don’t Actually CARE

As the former couple’s dueling defamation cases got underway, Depp’s and Heard’s teams previewed what’s to come in their respective opening statements.

Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard: Heard Portrayed as Media Manipulator, Depp as a Jealous Husband Refusing to Take Responsibility for Actions.

Okay, here’s the thing, there is Major homelessness in the USA. There is Major hunger in the USA. We have a war in the Ukraine orchestrated by Russia. There are multiple mass shootings on a weekly basis in the USA. Yet and still Americans are fascinated by the trial of these two celebrities. Let’s not forget this trial is nothing but a distraction that takes away from the importance of the state of American politics.

While Americans are glued to their TV’s every single moment this trial is being broadcast, abortion rights in all 50 states are being stolen from Women…BY MEN. The United States Constitution, a sacred document drawn up by Caucasian males who owned slaves and could care less about the rights of Women or People Of Color or Immigrants, is being desecrated by the United States Supreme Court. WHILE THE BULK OF AMERICAN VOTERS/CITIZENS ARE WATCHING TELEVISION TO SEE WHO GETS CONVICTED OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE BETWEEN THIS CELEBRITY COUPLE.

Yet there are still Americans who claim that America was once the greatest nation in the world. And who say we must make America a great nation once again. Let’s start with the fact that America was never a great nation. Fact is America started it’s so called great nation with slavery. They followed slavery up with the genocide of 100 million members of Native Tribes…who just so happened to be inhabiting what is now America when it was “discovered” by Christopher Columbus. And let’s not forget Mr Columbus was a pedophile and a rapist.

So I’m guessing you can probably understand why I say this was never a great nation and will never be a great nation. But I digress. Let’s return to this Amber Heard/Johnny Depp debacle of a soap opera. Let me be abundantly clear, this trial is all about television ratings. It’s about taking your mind off what’s important to Americans, it’s a blatant attempt to sully your thinking about what actually matters and what we can do to make changes to the state of American politics. That would be voting to remove politicians who could care less about the American voters.

Instead of sitting on our couches or reclining in our easy chairs we should be out in the streets protesting how politicians are changing the way Americans vote. Now there are those who say voting isn’t important because voting changes nothing. I once thought that way after donald trump was elected President of the United States. After watching voters in key States elect Democratic members of Congress into seats they hadn’t held in decades, my mind was changed by the work of on the ground organizers like Stacey Abrams.

On November 8th 2022 we go to the polls once again. It is imperative that we as a nation who want democracy to remain in place must vote Blue. Blue equals Democrats. Yes I agree, Democrats haven’t shown much initiative to get the Biden administrations plans passed in Congress. Democrats do not know how to be United like the Republicans. The Biden Administration has been sloppy. But the American voters have been sloppy as well by not turning out in record numbers to vote Republicans out of office.

What I’m trying to say Americans, is turn off the television. Get off your couches, climb out of your recliners and go out into the streets & get out the vote for 2022. Watching Amber Heard and Johnny Depp on television won’t keep Social Security in place. It won’t help politicians vote/pass legislation for funding to cover financial assistance for the elderly who can’t afford their medications. The same US Congress who won’t cover insulin for diabetics, voted to send 40 BILLION DOLLARS to the Ukraine. While in America, the good old US Of A, homeless camps are in every major city in the US. The number of soup kitchens handing out free meals has grown exponentially each year.


There have been so many mass shootings in the last 2 months in the United States of America it’s hard to keep track of each event. Yet we as a nation don’t care. Our politicians are taking money under the table from gun lobbyists representing gun manufacturers. Lobbyist are crawling all over Capitol Hill with cash incentives for politicians to keep fossil fuels as our main source of energy. What are fossil fuels…. Fossil fuels are a natural fuel source such as coal or gas that is killing our planet with pollution and black lung disease for the workers who go down into coal mines. Senator Joe Manchin is an employee of the coal mining corporations.

But we are interested in Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

This IS America. With It’s Collective Head Up It’s Anus.

Y’all can continue to watch Amber Heard and Johnny Depp on tv. When Social Security is no longer, when you don’t have a retirement plan, when you can’t buy food because you’re forced to buy medication to keep you alive, or if you become homeless because you can’t afford rent, please don’t complain or moan or cry. Just think back to the days, hours, minutes, you spent watching Johnny Depp and Amber Heard on Court TV. I am pretty sure the thought of them being the focus of your attention, the happiness you got from watching them fight each other over domestic violence issues, will get you through that rough patch.

As always in closing GET OFFLINE, LOG OUT OF SOCIAL MEDIA, AND GO ENJOY THE WEATHER OUTSIDE. CIAO BELLO. CIAO BELLA ❤️. Thank you for reading Just Another Blog from Just Another Blogger.

Just Another Blogger.

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