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November 8th 2022 General Election

It seems like every election cycle I think in my mind the same phrase “this is going to be the most important election in my lifetime.” I made that statement when Barack Obama ran for re-election. I made that statement when Hillary Clinton was running against Donald Trump. Side note: I would never vote for Hillary Clinton because she’s a blatant racist. I would never vote for Donald Trump because he’s a blatant racist. Here again in 2022 I find myself saying this is going to be the most important election in my lifetime.

There was no doubt in my mind that Joe Biden would beat Donald Trump. Trump was the laziest most unqualified President in the history of Presidents of the United States of America. What troubles me about this upcoming election is that there is a movement from the conservatives to make democracy a non-starter. There are so many issues on the table from Roe V Wade to the effort by people on the Reich Wing and the conservative side to remove voting rights for people of color.

Allow me to break down for you briefly why Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. IT’S because Barack Obama was president before Donald Trump. Racist white folks, caucasians, were appalled that a BLACK MAN had the audacity to run for the highest office in the land, AND WIN. 8 years of Barack Obama being President of the United States allowed racist folks come out of the woodwork and make sure the most unqualified idiot breathing oxygen, was elected the 45th president. Mission accomplished.

But this is not about Donald Trump and his criminal family. This is about November 8th 2022. The world is watching this general election. These midterms will lay the groundwork for years to come. Much like Donald Trump’s setting up the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court Justices to be conservative for years to come. There’s a very viable chance Democrats will lose the House and the Senate. The reason this is a very possible opportunity is because Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Independents are busy arguing amongst themselves.

I’ve been in some Twitter spaces listening to Republicans and conservatives. They don’t argue. They have one focus and that is to beat the people on the left. They don’t argue amongst themselves. They don’t disagree. If they have a disagreement they work it out and they come to the conclusion it’s best to fight together…. Than waste time fighting each other.

WHILE Democrats are busy fighting each other Republicans are working very hard to make it almost impossible for certain sections of the population to vote. I am referring to Latinos. People Of Color. The Elderly. Voters living in other countries with dual citizenship. Voters working in other countries. Voters who are Disabled. Voters unable to physically get to polling places who use mail-in voting or absentee ballots. These efforts by Republicans are because Barack Obama won his election in 2009. Republicans lost that Presidential election and they took steps from day one after that loss to make sure they had the right to vote while Democrats didn’t have the right to vote.

Now let’s talk about not voting. There are some factions of the Democratic party on the Liberal side who say “you know, what I’m going to stay home and not vote.” “My vote doesn’t count so why vote?” Well your vote WON’T count if you don’t vote. It’s just common sense and logic. If you sit home and don’t vote as a way of protesting your vote not meaning anything, then of course your vote doesn’t mean anything because you didn’t cast it. Not to mention that’s exactly what the Republicans want you to do, stay home and NOT vote. Low voter turnout is the bane of the existence of Democracy.

Then there is The logical conclusion that if you don’t cast your vote in any election, you don’t have a right to complain. I mean let’s face it, if you stay home and watch this election and don’t vote then something happens that you don’t like or something happens that directly affects your living, you don’t get to complain about it because you didn’t vote. I have listened to so many people discuss so many issues and how they directly affect them and then I ask them, did you vote….. The response 87% of the time is no, I don’t vote. To me that way of thinking is like being diagnosed with cancer, complaining that you’re dying of cancer, but never visiting a hospital or doctor for treatment.

Not voting as a way of protesting what’s going on in America today is exactly like starving yourself to death because you don’t believe in getting in line to get free government handouts. You either do what benefits you and your family or you suffer the consequences of doing nothing. Sitting at home and not voting means the same people remain in power. You can’t remove these lazy politicians who are only concerned with stuffing their pockets with cash if you don’t vote them out of office.

There are so many vitally important issues that confront American voters every single day. I don’t have to list these issues for you because you know what they are. These issues affect you on a daily basis. The only way to make change is to make change. And if that statement confuses you let me break it down for you briefly, you keep the same politicians in office voting the same way every single session of Congress, you get no change.

If you want real change in America you have to start with electing young fresh blood into congress. You have to VOTE in people who are not motivated by making money. You have to VOTE in people who are not motivated by being popular. You have to VOTE in people who are not motivated by making a 47-year career out of being in politics like Chuck Grassley….who is a senator from the state of Iowa and has been in office 47 years. Term limits are what are needed in American politics. Two terms, that’s the limit, after that go back home and get a real job.

Thank you very much for reading Just Another Blog. Written by Me, Just Another Blogger.

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