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Paul Pelosi

It pains me and disgust me to think about @PaulPelosi being attacked in his home by an intruder who was looking for Nancy Pelosi. What disgust me is the fact that we have caucasian christian conservative #GQP politicians turning this into a gay bashing campaign.

I hear both sides in this political battle talk about divisive measures and tactics. Yet nobody on either side is trying to work together to save democracy or keep this country on track to serve We The People.

The 2022 midterms are 7 days away. Instead of us all focusing on the midterms, winning the midterms, securing democracy and returning Roe v Wade as a law that is abided by because it is in the US Constitution…. We’re all concentrating on violent attacks against politicians by people riled up by cult leader Donald j FucktRUMP.

It’s time we stopped falling for the “Okie Doke,” chasing the shiny object that the GQP puts in front of us to distract us from what’s really important and that is the 2022 midterms and saving our DEMOCRACY.

It’s time we as Democrats Independents Liberals Leftist Progressives start voting as one block and we can only do that if we “vote blue down ballot local state federal.”


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