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Meghan & Harry: An Americans Perspective.

I am an American. I have never been a fan of the Royal Family of England. I stopped liking those people when I watched firsthand how they treated Princess Diana. For the entirety of her marriage I watched how she was denigrated by her husband, who I shall not name, and by the royal family, including the queen. I thought it was despicable how that family treated that young woman. That young woman being Princess Diana.

Fast forward to Meghan and Harry. And nothing, absolutely nothing has changed in the Royal Family. I just finished watching the first three episodes of “Harry and Meghan” on Netflix. This is not the first time I read and watched the disgraceful way the Royal Family treated Meghan and Harry. There were some things that Meghan shared with the world about the ROYAL FAMILY that prove beyond a doubt that Royal Family are downright racist and DISGUSTING.

If I were a member of the UNITED KINGDOM I would be Disgusted & Disturbed the way those two young people were treated by the Royal Family. Yet you have members of the UK press, members of the United Kingdom population, whose side against Meghan and Harry, and support, SIDE WITH the Royal Family. When the Royal Family does despicable things like disparage against the DARK SKIN COLOR of Meghan’s BABY, that is supporting systemic racism.

Into the third episode of this Netflix series entitled “Harry and Meghan,” I am sad that such racism in the UK exist at such a high level as in the Royal Family. Again let me be perfectly clear. My opinions are my own, but my opinions are based on logic, common sense, fairness, equality, and anti-racism. I do honestly believe 100% that Meghan and Harry are a modern day love story. I suggest you form your own opinions by watching this series on Netflix. It will open your eyes to the way things should never be in a family.

I will close by saying I wish Meghan and Harry all the luck in the world. I wish them great success at whatever endeavors they have for the future. I am very proud that they decided to quit the Royal Family better known as THE FIRM, and raise their children in a hate and racism free world.

Good luck Meghan and Harry. And may you forever find the happiness that you seek and deserve.


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