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To Vote Or Not To Vote. That’s NOT The Question.

Every midterm election that I can remember we’ve been faced with the dilemma of registered voters deciding not to vote. Deciding their vote doesn’t matter. Deciding it’s not important enough to get out and vote because it’s the midterms and we’re not elect A President Of The United States. That mindset is always a recipe for disaster for the Democratic Party. In November 2022 that way of thinking is much more disastrous than usual. It’s absolutely catastrophic for American Democrac and Women’s Freedom of Choice.

There are two factions in the Black Community suggesting Black voters stay home and don’t vote. FBA and ADOS are two fractured groups competing with one another to get reparations for descendants of African slaves. I’m not going into detail about reparations because that’s a subject for another day. These two groups FBA and ADOS are strongly suggesting to their members and to any person of color who will pay attention, not to vote, as a way to bring attention to the fact that no politician running in these midterms has reparations in their platform. Not voting for any reason is insanity.

Voting in America is a privilege. People will say it’s a right to vote but it is not a right because everybody who is eligible to vote in America can’t vote in America. The incarcerated cannot vote. Those newly released from incarceration, depending on what state They live in, cannot vote. If you don’t have proper ID you cannot vote. So it becomes a privilege to vote and not a right to vote based on those facts. That is something that must change but that too, is a conversation for another day. We must understand, if you can legally vote and you choose not to vote you have no voice. You have no say in what happens, good or bad. You have no right to complain about American society.

Choosing not to vote because you don’t like the choice of candidates running for public office, choosing not to vote because you don’t like your concerns not being addressed on the campaign trail, is like going into a restaurant getting a menu, reading that menu, deciding you’re not going to eat because you don’t like anything this restaurant has on the menu.

Now if you go to four more restaurants and decide you don’t like what’s on those restaurant menus as well, you starve. If you choose not to vote in a midterm election because you don’t like the candidates available. If you choose not to vote because you don’t like that what’s important to you, isn’t being talked about on the campaign trail, you will never affect change. Not voting for any reason other than being physically unable to vote, means you don’t exist. You’re nobody. You’re nothing. Nobody hears you because you don’t have a voice.

Midterms historically are geared toward electing State House politicians. State and local governmental positions. Most people used to think those weren’t very important. The state of politics on a federal level has changed the way State elections impact Washington DC. States are now using those elections to change the fabric of Democracy. Each of the 50 states is trying to change voting districts with a thing called “gerrymandering.” It’s redrawing voting districts to favor Republican positive outcomes at the voting booths. It’s vitally important, now more than ever, that midterm elections have the highest turnout possible…. To save basic human rights and Democracy.

If Democratic voters stay home and don’t vote, Abortion Rights and Roe v Wade are done. States will continue to suppress the Voting Rights of People who are not Republican. The Majority in the House and the 50/50 split in the Senate will be lost. We cannot afford to lose the House, We cannot afford NOT to gain At Least 3 Senate seats to offset Manchin and Sinema…..Two turn coat Democratic Senators who vote with Republicans against Democrats legislation.

I cannot stress how important it is to vote a Straight Democratic ticket. A straight Democratic ticket down the line on ALL local State elections and on EVERY Federal ballot. I’ve used the words “THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MIDTERM ELECTIONS IN MY LIFETIME” for every midterm election for the last 15 years. Those words have never been more TRUE than they are for the November 8th 2022 midterms.

I grew up as a child in Chicago. I voted in my first election when I was 19 years old by absentee ballot because I joined the U. S. military at age 17. My grandfather was instrumental in Chicago politics and there was a saying that circulated throughout the precinct during election time, “vote early and vote often.” What that means is there were a lot of vote stealing and stolen elections in Chicago politics. I don’t want you to vote often but I do suggest you vote early. Let’s please win these November 8th 2022 midterms. We can only do that If We V.O.T.E.


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