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Another Mass School Shooting

14 Children, One Teacher, Killed In Texas Elementary School Shooting

There isn’t really much to say today because repeating the phrase “thoughts and prayers” just does not cut it anymore. In the year 2022 they have been 27 mass school shootings. We are currently in the month of May, that’s the fifth month of 2022, with 7 more months left in this calendar year. 14 elementary school children and one teacher have been killed in a Texas Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. It is being reported by news agencies that this school shooting is the deadliest since the 2012 school massacre in Newton Connecticut.

Now we all know why school shootings continue. I don’t need to say it but I’m going to say it anyway. There’s a little thing in the US Constitution called the second amendment better known as the right to bear arms amendment. People who love the US Constitution and who love the freedom to buy automatic weapons for no other reason than to kill multiple numbers of humans, will argue that it’s there God given constitutional right to bear arms. Allow me to explain what the second amendment and the right to bear arms really means. Your slave owning Caucasian forefathers wrote that second amendment, called the right to bear arms, so that slave owners and plantation owners could hunt down runaway slaves and return them to the plantation. It was also written to help stop slave uprisings. The reason it gave citizens of America the right to form militias was because there was no army or organized local law enforcement.

Thoughts & Prayers?????

Sometime after the second amendment was written, slave owners and plantation owners got smart and decided to form slave patrols. Now anybody who was a member of a slave patrol was issued a star to wear on their chest. The star was fashioned out of tin. Which is where the phrase “tin star”, which refers to a lawman, originated. So to be clear the current law enforcement agencies throughout the United States of America originated from the idea of slave patrols which were invented to hunt down runaway slaves. When you watch news reports on television about unarmed people of color hunted down and executed by law enforcement, the idea was planted in the law enforcement manual from the days of slavery.

HOW LONG. How long will we continue to allow our children to be massacred in an elementary school setting where they are supposed to be safe. How long will we allow automatic weapons which have no other purpose than to kill, maim and destroy human life, to be sold in America. How long will we IGNORE gun lobbyists CRAWLING all over Capitol Hill offering bribes and cash incentives to politicians to ALLOW NO gun control laws. How long will we permit guns to be sold at gun shows, out of the trunks of automobiles, online, in pawn shops, to anybody with enough money to buy a weapon of mass destruction. HOW LONG WILL WE WATCH PARENTS BURY THEIR CHILDREN AFTER EACH SCHOOL SHOOTING.

The mass shootings list for 2022

This list that I have added here is nine pages long. THAT’S NINE PAGES LONG. I only included the first page because I don’t have room to list all nine pages. The statistics leading up to this moment right now, today, list 198 mass shootings throughout the United States of America…… FOR THE CALENDAR YEAR 2022. Sadly this latest mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas will not be the last mass shooting in America….. THIS YEAR.

27 school shootings in 5 months.

We have 7 months left in the 2022 calendar year. Allow me to repeat this for those who might have missed it: we’ve had 198 mass shootings this year. 27 school shootings are included in that number, in JUST 5 months. Take a moment and think about those numbers. Then I will ask you the question that is on the minds of everybody who is sane and care about the safety of human beings…..When is Enough Going To Be Enough. How long. HOW LONG.

Thank You For Reading Just Another Blog. Keep Your Children Safe. Enough Is Enough.

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