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The Day After. Some Facts. Some Insight.

The Right To Bear Arms

Robb Elementary School shooting. On May 24, 2022, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos opened fire at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, United States, killing 19 children and two teachers, and wounding 17 others. Earlier that day, he had shot and wounded his 66-year-old grandmother. Ramos was eventually shot and killed on school premises by responding law enforcement officers.

The shooting is the third deadliest school shooting in U.S. history, after the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007 and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, and the deadliest school shooting in Texas. The shooting was widely condemned nationally, including by President Joe Biden and by gun control advocates, as well as internationally.

Thoughts and prayers are nice, or are they nice? As of yet thoughts and prayers has never brought anybody back from the death of gun violence.

Nineteen children and two teachers were killed in the shooting. The children were in grades two, three, and four. Two victims died upon arriving at Uvalde Memorial Hospital. According to the hospital’s CEO, thirteen children were taken to the same hospital. Several other victims were taken to the University Hospital in San Antonio. A total of 17 people were injured, including two police officers. Governor Abbott said the two officers were struck by bullets but had no serious injuries.

Salvador Rolando Ramos (May 16, 2004 – May 24, 2022) was born in North Dakota, and was a resident of Uvalde and a student at Uvalde High School. Prior to the shooting, he had no criminal record or documented mental health issues. According to classmates and friends of Ramos, he had a stutter and a strong lisp, for which he was often bullied; he frequently got into fistfights with classmates, occasionally with boxing gloves, which he carried around with him; and he had few friends. Ramos was expected to graduate from high school in 2022, but his frequent absences made his graduation unlikely. Ramos’ condition got worse when his best friend moved to another part of Texas, and he ended up dropping out of school.

Upon dropping out, he grew his hair out and began wearing all-black clothing and military boots. Up until a month before the shooting, Ramos worked at a local Wendy’s and had been employed there for at least a year. According to the store’s night manager, Ramos went out of his way to keep to himself. One of Ramos’s coworkers said he was occasionally rude to his female coworkers, to whom he sent inappropriate text messages, and would threaten cooks at his job by asking them, “Do you know who I am?”

A year before the shooting, Ramos started posting pictures to his Instagram account of automatic rifles that were on his wish-list. Prior to the shooting, Ramos would drive around at night with a friend and shoot at people with a BB gun and throw eggs at cars. According to a man who was in a relationship with Ramos’ mother, Ramos moved out of his mother’s house and into his grandparents’ house two months before the shooting, after an argument broke out between him and his mother over her turning off the Wi-Fi. Ramos posted video of himself on Instagram aggressively arguing with his mother and referring to her as a “bitch.”

The mother of Ramos was described as a drug user, which made his upbringing challenging. Ramos’s grandfather said that, at the time of the shooting, Ramos did not have a driver’s license nor did he know how to drive. He legally purchased a semi-automatic rifle from a local gun store on May 17, a day after his 18th birthday, and purchased another rifle three days later. Ramos also sent an Instagram message to an acquaintance he met through Yubo, which showed a receipt for a DDM4 V7 purchased from Georgia-based online retailer Daniel Defense eight days before the shooting. He then posted a picture of two rifles on his Instagram account three days before the shooting. On May 18, he purchased 375 rounds of 5.56 ammunition.

UCISD asked parents not to pick up their children until all Robb Elementary School students were accounted for, and, at around 2:00 p.m., parents were notified to pick up their children. All district and campus activities were canceled, and the parents of students at other schools were asked to pick up their children due to school bus cancellations.

The UCISD superintendent announced that night in a letter sent to parents that the school year had concluded for the entire district, including a planned graduation ceremony. The school year had previously been scheduled to end that Thursday. Some parents had to wait late into the night for final confirmation of their child’s death, awaiting DNA identification.

The South Texas Blood and Tissue Center issued an urgent request for blood donations after the shooting and sent 15 units of blood to Uvalde via helicopter to be used in area hospitals. Uvalde Memorial Hospital announced on Facebook that they will be holding an emergency blood drive for the victims.

CBS pulled the fourth-season finale of FBI that was to air that night, which involved a fictional school shooting as a plot point.

Parts of this blog post were copied and pasted from Wikipedia.

After Thoughts. Try as I might I could not find a complete list of the 21 victims of the Robb Elementary School massacre. 18 victims died on the 24th of May 2022 and nowhere can I find a complete list of those 21 shooting victims. But there is plenty of information about the shooter who killed 18 victim. How ironic is that. Another thought that won’t leave my mind is the number of school shootings, not to mention all around mass shootings, we have had in the last 60 years in the United States of America. Yet we don’t have five politicians in Congress who will form a coalition to change weapons laws. The lobbyists for gun manufacturers in America must really be paying a lot of cash for crooked politicians to remain silent.

Every single time in the aftermath of a school massacre when people say thoughts and prayers I cringe.

Another Mass School Shooting

14 Children, One Teacher, Killed In Texas Elementary School Shooting

There isn’t really much to say today because repeating the phrase “thoughts and prayers” just does not cut it anymore. In the year 2022 they have been 27 mass school shootings. We are currently in the month of May, that’s the fifth month of 2022, with 7 more months left in this calendar year. 14 elementary school children and one teacher have been killed in a Texas Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. It is being reported by news agencies that this school shooting is the deadliest since the 2012 school massacre in Newton Connecticut.

Now we all know why school shootings continue. I don’t need to say it but I’m going to say it anyway. There’s a little thing in the US Constitution called the second amendment better known as the right to bear arms amendment. People who love the US Constitution and who love the freedom to buy automatic weapons for no other reason than to kill multiple numbers of humans, will argue that it’s there God given constitutional right to bear arms. Allow me to explain what the second amendment and the right to bear arms really means. Your slave owning Caucasian forefathers wrote that second amendment, called the right to bear arms, so that slave owners and plantation owners could hunt down runaway slaves and return them to the plantation. It was also written to help stop slave uprisings. The reason it gave citizens of America the right to form militias was because there was no army or organized local law enforcement.

Thoughts & Prayers?????

Sometime after the second amendment was written, slave owners and plantation owners got smart and decided to form slave patrols. Now anybody who was a member of a slave patrol was issued a star to wear on their chest. The star was fashioned out of tin. Which is where the phrase “tin star”, which refers to a lawman, originated. So to be clear the current law enforcement agencies throughout the United States of America originated from the idea of slave patrols which were invented to hunt down runaway slaves. When you watch news reports on television about unarmed people of color hunted down and executed by law enforcement, the idea was planted in the law enforcement manual from the days of slavery.

HOW LONG. How long will we continue to allow our children to be massacred in an elementary school setting where they are supposed to be safe. How long will we allow automatic weapons which have no other purpose than to kill, maim and destroy human life, to be sold in America. How long will we IGNORE gun lobbyists CRAWLING all over Capitol Hill offering bribes and cash incentives to politicians to ALLOW NO gun control laws. How long will we permit guns to be sold at gun shows, out of the trunks of automobiles, online, in pawn shops, to anybody with enough money to buy a weapon of mass destruction. HOW LONG WILL WE WATCH PARENTS BURY THEIR CHILDREN AFTER EACH SCHOOL SHOOTING.

The mass shootings list for 2022

This list that I have added here is nine pages long. THAT’S NINE PAGES LONG. I only included the first page because I don’t have room to list all nine pages. The statistics leading up to this moment right now, today, list 198 mass shootings throughout the United States of America…… FOR THE CALENDAR YEAR 2022. Sadly this latest mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas will not be the last mass shooting in America….. THIS YEAR.

27 school shootings in 5 months.

We have 7 months left in the 2022 calendar year. Allow me to repeat this for those who might have missed it: we’ve had 198 mass shootings this year. 27 school shootings are included in that number, in JUST 5 months. Take a moment and think about those numbers. Then I will ask you the question that is on the minds of everybody who is sane and care about the safety of human beings…..When is Enough Going To Be Enough. How long. HOW LONG.

Thank You For Reading Just Another Blog. Keep Your Children Safe. Enough Is Enough.

Amber Heard ~Vs~ Johnny Depp*

* I Don’t Actually CARE

As the former couple’s dueling defamation cases got underway, Depp’s and Heard’s teams previewed what’s to come in their respective opening statements.

Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard: Heard Portrayed as Media Manipulator, Depp as a Jealous Husband Refusing to Take Responsibility for Actions.

Okay, here’s the thing, there is Major homelessness in the USA. There is Major hunger in the USA. We have a war in the Ukraine orchestrated by Russia. There are multiple mass shootings on a weekly basis in the USA. Yet and still Americans are fascinated by the trial of these two celebrities. Let’s not forget this trial is nothing but a distraction that takes away from the importance of the state of American politics.

While Americans are glued to their TV’s every single moment this trial is being broadcast, abortion rights in all 50 states are being stolen from Women…BY MEN. The United States Constitution, a sacred document drawn up by Caucasian males who owned slaves and could care less about the rights of Women or People Of Color or Immigrants, is being desecrated by the United States Supreme Court. WHILE THE BULK OF AMERICAN VOTERS/CITIZENS ARE WATCHING TELEVISION TO SEE WHO GETS CONVICTED OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE BETWEEN THIS CELEBRITY COUPLE.

Yet there are still Americans who claim that America was once the greatest nation in the world. And who say we must make America a great nation once again. Let’s start with the fact that America was never a great nation. Fact is America started it’s so called great nation with slavery. They followed slavery up with the genocide of 100 million members of Native Tribes…who just so happened to be inhabiting what is now America when it was “discovered” by Christopher Columbus. And let’s not forget Mr Columbus was a pedophile and a rapist.

So I’m guessing you can probably understand why I say this was never a great nation and will never be a great nation. But I digress. Let’s return to this Amber Heard/Johnny Depp debacle of a soap opera. Let me be abundantly clear, this trial is all about television ratings. It’s about taking your mind off what’s important to Americans, it’s a blatant attempt to sully your thinking about what actually matters and what we can do to make changes to the state of American politics. That would be voting to remove politicians who could care less about the American voters.

Instead of sitting on our couches or reclining in our easy chairs we should be out in the streets protesting how politicians are changing the way Americans vote. Now there are those who say voting isn’t important because voting changes nothing. I once thought that way after donald trump was elected President of the United States. After watching voters in key States elect Democratic members of Congress into seats they hadn’t held in decades, my mind was changed by the work of on the ground organizers like Stacey Abrams.

On November 8th 2022 we go to the polls once again. It is imperative that we as a nation who want democracy to remain in place must vote Blue. Blue equals Democrats. Yes I agree, Democrats haven’t shown much initiative to get the Biden administrations plans passed in Congress. Democrats do not know how to be United like the Republicans. The Biden Administration has been sloppy. But the American voters have been sloppy as well by not turning out in record numbers to vote Republicans out of office.

What I’m trying to say Americans, is turn off the television. Get off your couches, climb out of your recliners and go out into the streets & get out the vote for 2022. Watching Amber Heard and Johnny Depp on television won’t keep Social Security in place. It won’t help politicians vote/pass legislation for funding to cover financial assistance for the elderly who can’t afford their medications. The same US Congress who won’t cover insulin for diabetics, voted to send 40 BILLION DOLLARS to the Ukraine. While in America, the good old US Of A, homeless camps are in every major city in the US. The number of soup kitchens handing out free meals has grown exponentially each year.


There have been so many mass shootings in the last 2 months in the United States of America it’s hard to keep track of each event. Yet we as a nation don’t care. Our politicians are taking money under the table from gun lobbyists representing gun manufacturers. Lobbyist are crawling all over Capitol Hill with cash incentives for politicians to keep fossil fuels as our main source of energy. What are fossil fuels…. Fossil fuels are a natural fuel source such as coal or gas that is killing our planet with pollution and black lung disease for the workers who go down into coal mines. Senator Joe Manchin is an employee of the coal mining corporations.

But we are interested in Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

This IS America. With It’s Collective Head Up It’s Anus.

Y’all can continue to watch Amber Heard and Johnny Depp on tv. When Social Security is no longer, when you don’t have a retirement plan, when you can’t buy food because you’re forced to buy medication to keep you alive, or if you become homeless because you can’t afford rent, please don’t complain or moan or cry. Just think back to the days, hours, minutes, you spent watching Johnny Depp and Amber Heard on Court TV. I am pretty sure the thought of them being the focus of your attention, the happiness you got from watching them fight each other over domestic violence issues, will get you through that rough patch.

As always in closing GET OFFLINE, LOG OUT OF SOCIAL MEDIA, AND GO ENJOY THE WEATHER OUTSIDE. CIAO BELLO. CIAO BELLA ❤️. Thank you for reading Just Another Blog from Just Another Blogger.

Just Another Blogger.

Blaming The Biden Administration For Gas Prices

Truth Over Misinformation.

This will be a very short blog post. I posted this meme in Twitter and had somebody respond that Joe Biden is still responsible for high gas prices worldwide because he is shutting down pipeline construction in the United States of America. That is what we call a flat out lie. Joe Biden isn’t stopping or shutting down gas pipe line construction in the USA, what Joe Biden is doing is stopping pipeline construction that hurts the environment, or impedes Native American lands.

This is why misinformation through social media, news outlets, and word of mouth from stupid people, is a very harmful thing to have happening.the one bad thing about social media is it gives a voice to people who have the IQ of a banana. if you have the IQ of a banana and you have a social media account on a social media platform which gives you a voice to spew stupidity and Dumbfuckery, you are dangerous!

And as I stated at the beginning of this blog post it will be short. And I am done. And as I said end of every blog post log off of this device you’re on, get dressed, hydrate, and go ENJOY outside. CIAO BELLO. CIAO BELLA.

Just Another Blog From Just Another Blogger

How Meghan MacInTired Became The Twitter Narcissistic Manipulator Queen

The twitterverse

This is the sad story of a woman who traded a real life for a life online in Twitter. Now Meghan MacInTired is not the most hated account on Twitter. I do believe that distinction belongs to Elongated MuskRat. But Meghan MacInTired runs a close second. She has ostracized, manipulated, and harassed so MANY Twitterverse accounts, she forced Twitter to suspend her account for violating Twitter’s TERMS OF SERVICE. SHE DREAMS OF ONE DAY BEING REINSTATED, the chances of that are as hopeful as the GOP becoming a party of the people, for the people, by the people.

Meghan MacInTired’s Suspended Account

You want to know just how sad Meghan MacInTired is…. She creates a multitude of alternate accounts so that she can silently sneak back into the Twitter platform to reek more havoc on other accounts. Meghan MacInTired has a plethora of serious mental health issues but instead of seeking medical professional Mental Health help, and staying on her medication regiment, she is more interested in creating yet another fake account. Unbeknownst to Twitter security.

Meghan MacInTired’s Alternate Twitter Account The MrJBSucks She References Is My Real Twitter Account.

Twitter DOES allow people to have multiple accounts. For instance you can have a personal account. You can have an account for your business. You could have an account promoting projects such as NFT, Crypto, Bitcoin, your writing if you are a writer or your artwork if you are an artist. Twitter does not allow you to have an account of any type if your main account has been suspended for any reason.

But I digress. Let me get back to how Meghan MacInTired became the Twitter Queen of manipulative narcissist…. on the Twitter platform. Once upon a time there were two female friends and these two friends were best buddies. The kind of best buddies where Darla, the best buddy, gets invited into Miss MacInTired’s home. They know each other well and they bond. One night while these two best buddies were drinking, Meghan MacInTired thought it would be a good idea to diagnose Darla’s mental health issues. Well Darla didn’t take too kindly when Meghan MacInTired begin to offer up her unprofessional medical mental health advice. Thus started the rift between the two best buddies.

Upon Darla returning back home to her state where she resides, the rift between the two begin to grow when Darla was accused by Meghan MacInTired of stealing one of her many Twitter boyfriends. Now Darla has said to me many times that this was not a factual occurrence because she did not steal any boyfriend from Meghan MacInTired. In these types of manipulative narcissistic episodes, facts & truth don’t really matter. The narcissistic personality is often delusional as well as manipulative. Something doesn’t have to actually occur for the manipulative narcissistic personality to imagine it has occurred.

Darla and Maghan MacInTired quickly became mortal enemies. The battle lines were drawn when Darla assembled her crew and Meghan MacInTired assembled her crew. Thus begin the war. This war has divided the Twitter Spaces Mental Health Community…. As I have documented in previous blog post.

This Twitter war includes but is not limited to blocking people on the other side. Going into spaces and talking negatively about people on the other side. Creating an entire discord server just to sit around for hours at a time and discuss the people on the other side. As you can see, this can be a complete waste of life, time and opportunities to spend time with your family and friends. I am not thoroughly convinced that Twitter spaces is even healthy for the mental health community. There are a few very healthy and helpful Twitter Mental Health Community spaces. Let me be absolutely clear about that fact. The unsafe mental health Twitter spaces far outnumber the ones that are safe and productive for the mental health community. For the most part my experience has been that people go to these Twitterverse Spaces to vent and start conflict.

The saddest part about this battle between Darla and Meghan MacInTired is that These two factions have turned what was once a very productive peer support group setting into a battleground. The main difference between Darla and Meghan MacInTired is Meghan MacInTired ostracizes anyone who has a friendship with someone who happens to be a member of the other faction, run by Darla. This narcissistic manipulative behavior by Meghan MacInTired gives these members of her faction mental health issues. It causes stress and breakdowns. And I have witnessed these Mental Health crashes several times firsthand.

Well that’s how this Twitterverse battle started and continues in Twitter Spaces. This blog post also concludes my series on how narcissistic manipulative behavior has turned Twitter spaces into a battleground between two groups of people tasked with hosting mental health peer support spaces in Twitter….. TO HELP THE TWITTER MENTAL HEALTH COMMUNITY.

As always I close Just Another Blog by wishing you a good day, be safe, and log out of all social media apps, platforms, and go out and enjoy the weather and your family and friends. Ciao Bello. Ciao Bella….from Just Another Blogger.

Cutting A Narcissist Off At The Knees.

If you have to ask this question, the answer is yes.

It occurred to me while writing this series on narcissism and manipulators, the best way to deal with somebody who is a narcissist and wants to put their hands around your throat to strangle you with their manipulation is very simple. IGNORE THEM, ONCE YOU’VE CUT ALL TIES. I’ve learned when dealing with manipulative narcissist the best way to piss them right out of your life is: IGNORE THEM.

The same mindset is true for all types of internet and real life stalkers, bullies, narcissistic manipulators, people who are just genuinely a pain in the derriere……THEY SEEK AND CRAVE YOUR ATTENTION. That attention they seek from you is like their drug of choice. They will continue to contact you after you have cut them off but don’t be persuaded by the words coming out of their mouths or their fingers. No matter what a narcissistic manipulator says, they are still the same abusive human being. When you cut contact totally with that abuser, you are sending them straight to rehab.

How They Gain Control.

When the phone rings don’t answer. When you get a text message block & delete. When you get comments left on your blog send them to the trash. When people leave messages on your social media accounts block & unfollow. It’s actually amazing how simple it is to cut a narcissistic manipulator out of your life. Always remember it’s the attention they seek from you, that drives them to act. That craving for your attention is part of the narcissistic manipulator, and a stalker’s, Need….. Desire….. Craving.

The ONLY Strategy That Matters Is Silence.

The same fact holds true for ALL bullies, ALL stalkers, ALL narcissistic manipulators….. HOW TO BEAT THEM IS…. “Silence From You.” It’s a mind game THEY’RE PLAYING with you…….Psychological warfare. Getting inside your head is the end game for any stalker, bully, narcissistic manipulator. Once you respond to their Dumbfuckery you are hooked. You become that largemouth bass the angler/NARCISSISTIC MANIPULATOR, is fishing to catch. You responding sets the hook in your mouth and now all that angler has to do is reel you in. VERY IMPORTANT: ONCE YOU BREAK AWAY FROM A NARCISSISTIC MANIPULATOR THERE CAN BE NO CONTACT. NO RESPONDING TO THEM. WHATSOEVER.

In closing, psychological warfare is like any military campaign. It is imperative that you never reveal to the enemy what you’re thinking. Most times when we are involved in verbal exchanges with the narcissistic manipulator, we are giving them insight into what we’re thinking. Never allow the enemy to know what you’re thinking. Every narcissistic manipulator, stalker, bully, thinks that by communicating with you they are messing with your mind. In all actuality they are admitting to you they are nothing without you, under their control. Silence from you sends a very clear message: They Do Not Matter.


Thank you so much for reading Just Another Blog…… Written by me…..Just Another Blogger. Now log offline. Go enjoy the season. Ciao Bello. Ciao Bella.


How To Identify These Predators.

Narcissists are manipulators who have no qualms about twisting a partner’s words or actions in a way that would make the partner feel guilty or remorseful about things they have no reason to feel bad/guilty about.

How do you recognize a narcissistic manipulator? Signs and symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder

  1. Grandiose sense of self-importance. …
  2. Lives in a fantasy world that supports their delusions of grandeur. …
  3. Needs constant praise and admiration. …
  4. Sense of entitlement. …
  5. Exploits others without guilt or shame. …
  6. Frequently demeans, intimidates, bullies, or belittles others.

How a narcissist tries to manipulate you?

Narcissists also gaslight or practice master manipulation, weakening and destabilizing their victims; finally, they utilize positive and negative emotions or moments to trick others. When a narcissist can’t control you, they’ll likely feel threatened, react with anger, and they might even start threatening you.

What are the 4 types of narcissism? Here Are 4 Different Types of Narcissists:

  • 1 — Grandiose Narcissist. “I’m better than you, and I know it” …
  • 2 — Malignant Narcissist. “I will do whatever it takes to get what I want.” …
  • 3 — Covert Narcissist. “I’m a great artist but the world never noticed my talent.” …
  • 4 — Communal Narcissist.

How does a manipulator act when confronted? A manipulator will actively lie to you, make excuses, blame you, or strategically share facts about them and withhold other truths. In doing this, they feel they are gaining power over you and gaining intellectual superiority. Manipulators are experts in exaggeration and generalization.

The final piece of the puzzle about a narcissistic manipulator is this, they brainwash and mind control those they are manipulating. Brainwashing and mind control can consist of something as simple as turning them against trusted friends. I was personally working with a female friend attempting to build a defense against a narcissistic manipulator interfering in her life when this narcissistic manipulator used fabricated false read receipts in Twitter to turn this “friend” against me.

You must remember to be ever vigilant against a narcissistic manipulator. They have delusions of grandeur which tells them they can spin any lie successfully. If you want to break free of a narcissistic manipulator such as Megan McIntyre, you must disassociate and distance yourself from them totally. You cannot have any contact at all with a narcissistic manipulator. They have mastered the many different ways of breaking down your resolve and getting inside your head.

Thank you for taking time to read Just Another Blog. I Am Just Another Blogger. Ciao Bella. Ciao Bello.

Time For A Social Media Detox.

Social Media takes up much of our time on a daily basis. Most of us have family commitments, careers we love, jobs we loathe, volunteer commitments, not to mention the all important recreational activities. Sometimes taking a break from social media is vitally important. Just like you can get burnout from a career you can also get burnt out from social media. Let’s face it social media platforms can be all consuming. It’s important to know when you need a break from social media, and it’s important to take that break when the time approaches.

How often do you find yourself checking your social media notifications soon after waking up or while out with friends and family? Do you spend much of your vacation trying to take the perfect photo for your Instagram, or are you more concerned about going on a vacation just so you can post pictures? If this sounds like YOU, it’s definitely time for a social media detox.

Let’s see, there’s Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, stitcher, tick tock, YouTube, truth social 🤔🥺😅😆, Clubhouse, Facebook, discord servers, not to mention podcast and blogging. Then there is the inability for human beings to take three steps without a cell phone, tablet, laptop, glued to their hand.

We as a society have all but forgotten about taking walks. Going for a bike ride. Spending time fishing or camping. Going to museums, the theater, or yard sales on a Saturday. I haven’t even mentioned going to the beach, the ocean, or just sitting beside a babbling brook. How about the beauty and simplicity of just taking your dog for a very long walk?

I’m curious how many of us do any of the above mentioned activities with ANY electronic devices on our persons whatsoever.

I did not coin this phrase but taking a break from social media is actually a “social media detox.” If you’re a health enthusiast and you take a regularly scheduled detox of your body, then you’ll understand when I say the mind needs a detox from social media activities. Social media is not always a safe place. There are many things going on in the social media stratosphere that give pause to healthy thoughts. The news is full of tragic events and those tragic events are all over social media platforms.

The current state of politics, government changes, Supreme Court decisions, mass shootings in the USA, the latest celebrity scandalous trial, and let’s not forget this pandemic that has been ongoing for 3 years. All these things cause Trauma. Stress. Anxiety. Current Events happen to be plastered all over our social media platforms.

The best way to rid ourselves of social media and the contents that stress us out is turn it off, tune it out, just get away. It doesn’t have to be a big huge deal. Plan a day of doing things with your family and friends. Go shoot some pool. Go shoot some hoops. Have a get together with family/friends. Do things like have a barbecue. Take the family on a outdoor adventure. You needen’t spend a lot of money. Just do something with family, friends that does not involve your devices so you’re NOT hooked up to a network. You will thank yourself later for the joy you get being around loved ones without any notification Pings.

Well that’s all I got about social media detox. Bottom line your mental health is important. The best way you can be stressed free is relieving things on a daily basis that stress you out. And social media is certainly a stressor. As I like to end, thank you for reading Just Another Blog.

Now do yourself a favor and get off of social media. Stop reading this blog. go outside and enjoy whatever weather greets you. Ciao Bella. Ciao Bello.


The Fall Out From “The Craziness Of Twitter

The Fall Out From “The Craziness Of Twitter has me labeled as a victimizer of women, an abuser of women, a bully, and somebody who prays on women. Now I find this amusing because nobody in Twitter has had the time or put in the effort to get to know who and what I am. I also find it odd that when you are exposing things that are wrong in this society, you get labeled with all types of adjectives.

It’s also odd to me that people are more concerned with me exposing what goes on in Twitter “safe spaces” for the mental health Community, than they are with correcting all the things wrong in Twitter spaces for the mental health community. Now I agree there is no way to make a space on the internet totally safe. You have to take precautions to make it a safer place, but Total safety is impossible to achieve. However nobody expects to be harmed by the very people giving you peer support.

I have actually been in Twitter spaces listening and even hosting a Twitter space, when someone entered that space in such a bad way that they were talking suicide/self harm. Now I’m not trained to handle that situation but I used a little common sense, tried reacing that person to let them know that taking their life would cause more problems for the people who love them. Telling that person, those people should not have to bear the immense pain of them committing suicide. Fortunately they listened and as far as I could tell, did not self harm.

I was very fortunate that situation turned out well. Imagine if that person threatening self-harm walked into a space that was hosted or co-hosted by somebody with illusions of grandeur. There is genuine concern from me how these Twitter spaces for the Mental Health Community are hosted/co-hosted. Don’t get me wrong, there are some Twitter spaces that are hosted by very capable human beings, but for the most part the people who host Twitter mental health spaces are not licensed professionals, should never be giving out medical advice, should never be attempting to diagnose anything for the people who come into those spaces just to vent and let off steam.

Another problem about these warring factions in Twitter spaces is that they appear to be exactly like the clicks we all experienced in high school. For those of you who are not familiar with what a click is, it’s a group of people who hang out together based on their inadequacies as viewed by society. For example you have the jocks and the athletes who hang together in their click. Next you have the nerds and the super smart intelligent people who hang out in their click. Then there’s the vain click who are only concerned with how they look and what dates they’re getting as the weekend approaches.

Lastly you have the goth crowd, these humans like to dress in all black and they appear to enjoy making themselves outcast in a society that views them as different or strange. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being different or appearing strange to others. But these are the clicks that were present in my high school, and remind me exactly of the hierarchy of Twitter spaces.

Like I said, high school. If Twitter was really concerned about the safety of its spaces they would take action. I find that Twitter is more concerned with the revenue it pulls in from corporate sponsorship, from a thing it sells to subscribers called Twitter Blue and a new gimmick or scheme to get money called Super Followers. Both these current subscription services offer very little in the way of benefits to the person paying the monthly subscriber fee. The purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk does not bode well for the future of this FREE social media platform. I envision Twitter quickly becoming a full subscription platform, offering different tier levels of subscriptions for its subscribers.

All this drama on Twitter is making me glad I can return to Instagram which is a much happier simpler social media platform. It makes me remember why I left Twitter in the first place. In closing I want to repeat: These things that are happening in Twitter spaces, the negative toxic environments, they do not benefit the very people who need help in these peer support Twitter spaces for mental health. Enabling a toxic atmosphere between people with mental health issues is dangerous.

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The Craziness Of Twitter Spaces

I’m going to tell you a story about a place called Twitter Spaces. Twitter first launch Spaces in November of 2020 as an attempt to eclipse Clubhouse’s success, with its own version of audio centric chat rooms. The ability to actually host a space was limited to Twitter users with 600 followers or more at first, then it grew to include all Twitter account holders..

Twitter Spaces was a marvelous idea, but it didn’t work too well because there were glitches and bugs and Twitter decided not to do a beta test before releasing the Twitter Spaces application platform wide. I’m not a code writer but I do believe if Twitter had taken the time to release a beta test version of Twitter Spaces first, they could have worked out a lot of the glitches and bugs that are present right now.

But this is not about how well Twitter Spaces works. This is about the Mental Health Twitter Spaces Community and how THAT Community is not working as it should. You would think the mental health community that inhabits Twitter spaces would be concerned about the health safety and well-being of those people using Twitter spaces. That is not the case.

There are two warring factions within Twitter spaces Mental Health Community. Both are run by women who happened to be just alike in every regard. They hate each other. They are both manipulative narcissist, and they both are of a cult-minded personality. Both the women are toxic and very divisive in their actions on a daily basis. That’s not the worst part of this conundrum. Their reckless actions and disregard for kindness and sensitivity put Mental Health Community people in jeopardy.

I spent time in both factions of this feud. I can tell you unequivocally both of these women are exactly alike, carbon copies of one another. They both control a contingent of Mental Health individuals. these mental health individuals in this community suffer from a plethora of mental health issues. They need peer support on a daily basis, sometimes hourly. They have come together in the Twitter spaces Mental Health Community to get peer support and find kinship among one another.

Since January when I arrived in Twitter and discovered its spaces, I also discovered that there were a lot of people in Twitter using these mental health spaces to get support with their daily issues. There were Wellness check-ins. Groups would gather in a place called a discord server used by the Mental Health Community to meet and talk, relax and let off steam. Instead of these discord servers being used for that, both factions use the servers to trash talk about the other group they happen to be fighting with and against.

From the information I gathered these two women started out as best friends. One woman visiting the other woman in her home and spending time there. Getting to know her family. It appears they fell out over one trying to diagnose the other. But the real falling out came when one of the women allegedly stole the other woman’s man on Twitter. As you can see from this, Twitter can be a toxic environment for romantic relationships. But that’s not the focus of this story. these two women went from being best buddies to mortal enemies.

Both of these ladies use manipulation. Narcissism. And delusional thoughts and ideas to control the people in their factions. They think alike, they act like, and they almost look alike, they could be sisters. I had the privilege of spending time in both discord servers and listening to the conversations by both factions about and against the other side. The lady who runs one of the factions has even had her account suspended by Twitter for violating its terms of service but, she has managed to get multiple “alternate” accounts in Twitter.

Both of these women suffer from a plethora of Mental Health issues. Currently neither one is seeking medical help with their issues. Most, not all, in the mental health spaces community of Twitter, self-medicate with drugs alcohol and going off their prescribed meds without medical supervision. This is a common act amongst this community. Those that need to be in therapy are not getting therapy because they’re relying on these Spaces to be their therapy. Which is why these Spaces need to be safe places for these individuals to assemble. Sadly ONE of these women is using her mind control to offer non professional medical advice to people in her group to keep these individuals from getting the help they need.

The actions of these two women and the actions of the people in these two groups have split this Mental Health Community in half and cause a great rift, negating the very reason this Mental Health Community in Twitter Spaces was created… To offer peer support only.

The news about Twitter spaces is not all bad. When I first started going in spaces the very first space I went into was for a group called The Writers Circle. The Writer Circle is a group of writers poets and artists who get together in their Space and talk about writing, the books they’ve read, and the projects they are currently working on completing for publication. This group accepted me into their Community even though I am not a writer, but I am a reader. They made me feel comfortable and welcome. There are also spaces held for musicians, music composers, and of course singers. There are even Karaoke Spaces.

This is one person’s account of what I witnessed and observed while being in Twitter Spaces for the Mental Health Community. There are also many spaces for The NFT Community as well as a multitude of spaces for every subject that comes to mind. All in all once Twitter gets its Spaces to work seamlessly for both Android and iPhone platforms, it will be a rousing success.

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